It’s been a little while but I’m still here

Well, I haven’t had much time to post any updates but I’m still here. I have just been busy! But I wanted to give you all a little update. I will probably be going into a little more detail on everything over the weekend but for now I wanted to let you guys know I’m still alive and I’m still here. Here are a couple updates on the plugins and the Article Rewriting API:

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The Article Rewriting API is close to public release!

Over the past few weeks I have passed out over 50 Keys for my Web Ninja Article Rewriting API. Almost all of them are using it through the Web Ninja Article Rewriter WordPress Plugin. I have gotten a good bit of feedback and everyone loves how easy it is to use and how well it works compared to other Rewriters out there.

I have been monitoring server load and bandwidth usage with the ones that currently have it and have decided to open the invite up a little more. As of right now, I have 50 open slots that are ready to go. It is a first come, first server basis. Once these slots are gone there will be a waiting period while more servers are prepared to handle more people. After the servers are prepared it will then go to a public release at a higher price then what is currently set. As long as you get your API Key now, you will be locked into the discounted price as long as you are subscribed. Even when the price goes up. You can check all this information plus sign up for a key on the Obtaining a Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key page. Remember, this is a first come first serve basis and given the response and request that I have gotten these slots will go fast.

Now, I can offer two types of tips. The first one will be for the sites that aren’t just autoblogs and have content. The second one will be for the autoblogs.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Article Rewriting!

Over the past week I have been preparing my Article Rewriting WordPress plugin for public release. It’s been nice seeing it come together the way it has. So far I have 30 people that have been issued API Keys and most of them have already started using it. I tried to find people that have had experience with other article rewriting software so they could give me feedback on what they think.

Out of those 30, I have had 6 people give me feedback on it so far. In summary, they love it! To be honest I haven’t tried other article rewriting (or article spinners they sometimes call them) that are out on the market. I have always been the kind of person that finds flaws in other people’s programming so I’m never happy untill I make my own. I figured that this plugin (or the Web Ninja Article Rewriting API depending on which you would be using) is more feature rich then the most but I didn’t really think it was that much superior till I started getting some feedback on it. Apparently, I must be the only one that runs a rewritten article through a grammar checker. :/ I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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New Update for the Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

Just giving everyone a heads up that version 1.0.2 of the Web Ninja Auto Tagging System will be up soon for download. This update fixes a problem that some people were getting the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in .../wp-content/plugins/web-ninja-auto-tagging-system/webninja_ats.php(385) : eval()'d code on line 1

This would happen when the Yahoo Term Extraction YQL would not return any tags. There is now a check in the plugin to see if it returned tags before it tries to process them.


Web Ninja Google Analytics 1.0.4 Update

There were a couple fixes and tweaks on this one. The only major thing was that I changed the tracking script to the new faster async way of doing things. With this I was able to add in support for subdomains and multiple top-level domains with the same ID.

Also, I found out there are a hand full of hosting companies that don’t know how to permission their tmp directories which have caused problems with the Google API giving the dashboard widget the stats. So if the plugin can’t find a suitable tmp directory to use it uses the wordpress upload directory.

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