Web Ninja Google Analytics 1.0.4 Update

There were a couple fixes and tweaks on this one. The only major thing was that I changed the tracking script to the new faster async way of doing things. With this I was able to add in support for subdomains and multiple top-level domains with the same ID.

Also, I found out there are a hand full of hosting companies that don’t know how to permission their tmp directories which have caused problems with the Google API giving the dashboard widget the stats. So if the plugin can’t find a suitable tmp directory to use it uses the wordpress upload directory.


WordPress 3.0.3 udpate! And a Google Pagerank API?!?

Looks like WordPress is getting a little update happy again. Last time this happened they updated every 3 days for like 2 weeks… At least this time the updates are only 7 days apart. :/ Anyways, both my released plugins have no problem with the new update and are working just fine.

Now on to the good stuff! A nice fairy tale. :)

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, Google had a PageRank API where you could query their system for a website’s Google PageRank. Well, for reasons I’m not going to go into details with, they removed that API. This left a lot of people sad and not knowing what to do. :(

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How To Fix Incorrect Comment Counts In WordPress Post

WordPress has a smart way of making sure the comment count that is displayed on your site loads quick without actually having to query the comment table. Which means faster load times. Here is how they do it:

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Google Analytics WP Plugin 1.0.3

I was just giving everyone a heads up that they will be getting a notice that version 1.0.3 is available for update within the next hour or so. This is a small update to a bigger one that will happen later in the week. This update does not have the new sidebar widgets for analytics stats but the next one will.

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23 hours, 330 downloads, 4x 5-star ratings, and a partridge in a pear tree!

About 23 hours ago my Google Analytics plugin was approved for the WordPress Plugin Directory (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/web-ninja-google-analytics). This was the first plugin I have released to the public so I didn’t expect many downloads or much exposure at all. Well, let’s just say that my expectations have been met 20 times over.

Within a hour of being up and downloadable I had about 30 downloads, within 2 hours I had about 70 downloads, and now that we are coming up on our 24th hour it looks like it could get over 350+ downloads.

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