23 hours, 330 downloads, 4x 5-star ratings, and a partridge in a pear tree!

About 23 hours ago my Google Analytics plugin was approved for the WordPress Plugin Directory (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/web-ninja-google-analytics). This was the first plugin I have released to the public so I didn’t expect many downloads or much exposure at all. Well, let’s just say that my expectations have been met 20 times over.

Within a hour of being up and downloadable I had about 30 downloads, within 2 hours I had about 70 downloads, and now that we are coming up on our 24th hour it looks like it could get over 350+ downloads.

Have you ever seen that commercial where a few people are standing around a computer in an almost empty room with a few other desk ready to push a button to start their online company, then once they push it they get one order, start to celebrate, then get 100s to 1000s of orders withing a few seconds and you see their faces go from happy to WTF are we going to do? Well…I had that feeling when I saw those numbers flying fast.

My main concern was this plugin had only been tested on a hand full of sites. I knew I had tested it pretty well but with all these people downloading it that fast I thought the bug reports were going to be too much to handle from stuff I missed. Well, I can say that not only have I not gotten a single bug report, but I have gotten 4x 5-star ratings on the directory, a few donations from fans of the plugin, and I am getting massive pingbacks to the site from all kinds of tweets raving about how good the plugin is.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has downloaded my plugin and are now using it. Any programmer or developer can tell you there are rare moments, if any at all, that their software makes them feel like they have accomplished something. Well, this is definitely one of those for me.

Now, what does the near future hold? For the Google Analytics plugin there is still one major add-on I plan to add. That is a sidebar widget that will show the stats in the sidebar. That itself is almost done and will be in the next version that I plan to get out by the end of the week. After that it’s on to releasing more plugins. So keep checking back for the next big plugin. :)