Automatically make tags for your WordPress post

First of all, sorry I have not had the chance to do a little write up on this yet. With the Christmas Holiday and all that in-tales I have been pretty busy. Most of you may have already noticed the release of a new plugin about a week ago: the Web Ninja Auto Tagging System plugin. What you don’t know is why this one is a lot better then most of the existing auto tagging plugins for WordPress.

First, there is soon to be a surprise among all the people that use plugins that work off the old Yahoo Tagging API. At the end of the week Yahoo is going to discontinue the use of this API and make everyone use their new term extract YQL. To be honest there are no real differences in the two other then they require a new set of API calls to different servers. This plugin is already using the new YQL service so there will be no service interruption.

Next, some of the plugins use an API service from tagthe.net. I love what those guys do and that they offer the service for free. But since they are one of the only decent tagging services out there some times they get overloaded. I have looked at a number of auto tagging plugins and none of them have a connection timeout or even a way to disable specific auto tagging services. So I have added this in mine. That way if it’s taking tagthe.net 15 minutes to request tags it will stop after your specific time limit and you can even disable the tagthe.net service and only use yahoo if you like.

Another major benefit of this plugin is the ability to add global tags to all your post. With search engines the more times your pages have a specific keyword the higher you are on their list for when someone searches that keyword. So for example, on my blog if I wanted to add the tag “WordPress” to every post as a tag then my site as a whole will appear higher on the overall list when someone searches for WordPress.

There are a few other benefits to using this plugin too. You can check out the full featured list on the Web Ninja Auto Tagging System page.