The Article Rewriting API is close to public release!

Over the past few weeks I have passed out over 50 Keys for my Web Ninja Article Rewriting API. Almost all of them are using it through the Web Ninja Article Rewriter WordPress Plugin. I have gotten a good bit of feedback and everyone loves how easy it is to use and how well it works compared to other Rewriters out there.

I have been monitoring server load and bandwidth usage with the ones that currently have it and have decided to open the invite up a little more. As of right now, I have 50 open slots that are ready to go. It is a first come, first server basis. Once these slots are gone there will be a waiting period while more servers are prepared to handle more people. After the servers are prepared it will then go to a public release at a higher price then what is currently set. As long as you get your API Key now, you will be locked into the discounted price as long as you are subscribed. Even when the price goes up. You can check all this information plus sign up for a key on the Obtaining a Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key page. Remember, this is a first come first serve basis and given the response and request that I have gotten these slots will go fast.

Now, I can offer two types of tips. The first one will be for the sites that aren’t just autoblogs and have content. The second one will be for the autoblogs.

For sites that aren’t just autoblogs, let’s say you are looking to get more traffic to your site but you don’t know how. Here is a quick summary of what I have done with a couple sites that have original content that weren’t getting the traffic I like:

  • Make a category that will not be displayed on your front page or other list like most popular or even most recent.
  • Add this category in you navigation bar as a sub category someplace. Make it a place that your normal viewers won’t run into often. Basically a place where search engines will find it to spider it but it would be hard for your viewers to come across it.
  • Install the FeedWordpress plugin and the Web Ninja Article Rewriter Plugin.
  • Find an RSS feed to a site that relates to your site. For example, if you have a website on electronic gadgets then use something like Gizmodo.
  • Run that feed through a Full-text RSS converter like this one.
  • Enter that feed into the FeedWordpress plugin going into the category you just made.
  • Select that category in the Web Ninja Article Rewriter Plugin.
  • Add any of keywords you want to be sure the rewriter doesn’t rewrite to the No Change Wordlist in the Article Rewriter WordPress Plugin.
  • Sit back, let the search engines give you tons of love because of all the new incoming original content that it is spidering, and enjoy the traffic.

I recently did this exact thing to an all original content site. I was getting about 150 organic visits a month from SEO without this. One month after, I had about 400 organic visits. Month two after, 1700 organic visits. Month three after, 3500 organic visits. And looking at month four it looks like it may finish with over 7000 organic visits.

Now for the straight autoblogs. Here is what I would suggest when adding article rewriting to your existing autoblogs:

  • Turn off filtering for duplicate titltes.
  • Make a category for all your rewriting articles called “RW” or really whatever you want.
  • Add each of your feeds you currently have in your autoblogging plugin a second time but when you do this make it go into whatever category you have it going in already plus the “RW” category. This way the original article goes in plus the a rewritten one. So you get double the articles with half of them being “original”.
  • Add any of keywords you want to be sure the rewriter doesn’t rewrite to the No Change Wordlist in the Article Rewriter WordPress Plugin.
  • Sit back and enjoy the extra organic traffic.

I have done this on a few sites now and it has more then tripled the organic traffic on most of the sites within three months.

I can’t tell you enough on how well this works if you are patient! And if you have any other questions be sure to send them over to me.