Blurb RSS Feed to Full Text RSS Feed

First things first…

Have you ever subscribed to an RSS feed only to get a sentence or at most a paragraph in the feed and then you have to click through to the site to read the rest of the article? This itself can be very annoying. Especially if you are on a mobile device like your smart phone. A lot of websites don’t have a very good mobile site and viewing the full site on your mobile device is a laugh.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just get the full content in the RSS Feed? Well, your wait is over because there is a way to do it! Try out the Web Ninja FullRss page!

That will take almost any RSS feed that has only a few sentences and convert it to a full content RSS feed. How does it work? Basically, I take the links given in the RSS feeds, go to the webpage, and use the open source software called Readability to grab the article out of the page based on paragraphs of text, and return it as a full text RSS feed.

What about copyright laws? I have looked into this very deeply and there is a big gap in online content copyright laws. What it comes down to is that it is legal as long as you give a link to the source if you publish the content on your own site.

Give it a try at Web Ninja FullRss and if you have any problems with it head over to the forums and I will try to answer them as soon as posible!