This is a full list plugins and services that I have made and released:

Web Ninja Google PageRank API

Web Ninja PageRank API is the answer that most people are looking for when they need find out a website’s Google Pagerank.

Blurb RSS to Full Text Feed

This is to help people convert rss feeds with just the blurbs to full content rss feeds. I won’t guarantee this will work with all feeds but this should work with most rss feeds.

Web Ninja Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

The Web Ninja Google Analytics Plugin is the one stop shop for all your Google Analytic needs. It not only allows you to add Google Analytics JavaScript to each page on your site without making any changes to your template, but it also adds an Admin Dashboard Widget with Analytic Stats. Plus, not only do you see the over all stats on the Admin Dashboard but you can see individual post and page stats in the Post and Pages Admin sections.

Web Ninja Comment Count Fixer WordPress Plugin

Automatically checks the number of comments a post has and compares them to the comment count and fixes the count if the count is wrong.