I hate “I Love Me” pages…but I guess that is why people come to an “About” page. To find out about the person. So…

The name is Josh Fowler (if you haven’t figured that out yet). I started my computer related history like most: in a state of curiosity. A few days into owning a computer as a kid, while wielding a screw driver, it was in pieces all over the floor. I wanted to figure out how it worked and what did what. Well, moments after my Mom freaked out because I just disassembled a $3,000 computer it was back together and I had a visual aid to the components of a computer.

I started programming in high school. Regretfully, it mostly consisted of using my skills for hacking or writing viruses. Although I will say that my viruses were more for comical reasons (such as annoying smiley face popups and making your computer scream sex noises on random key strokes) and my hacking was never malicious but more informational. I will also say that even though I did do that in the past it has taught me how to fight them better in the present in the world of network security.

By this time, I knew the “in’s” and “out’s” of how a computer worked, how to fix them, how to convert hex to binary and visa versa. After high school, I first attended East Carolina University in 1999. This is when I found myself in my first computer based employment working for a privately owned computer repair shop. I already knew a little bit about web design at this point but I really started getting into it while working here.

As for school, I quickly learned that my high school programming classes made ECU’s Computer Science department look like a joke. So I transferred to Campbell University, studied Computer Science and Business Administration.

Since then I have been in a few different computer related niches. From network administration, programming, installation, and support of Point-of-Sale computer systems, server farm installation and management, and a virtual bounce in the network security world. Along the way, I found my true niche: web development. Which brings me to my current employment. A full time Web Developer.

In this field I get to take what is “not possible” or “impossible” and make it possible. Even when I talk to fellow Web Developers there are a few words that always come out of their mouth: “that can’t be done”, “that would take a miracle to do”, or “let me guess, you also believe in Santa”. Well, I can’t say I believe in Santa but I do believe in the magic of Christmas and that anything is possible in the world of programming with enough thought and patience.

As well as being an employed full time Web Developer, I also have a couple side projects. On the web development level, I run multiple autoblogging sites that bring in a little extra money. That is why this site was made. To develop and share the plugins I use for my autoblogging sites. Once all my plugins are released, I plan to share the knowledge of autoblogging and how, if done right, can be just as good a website as full original content site. Autoblogging has a bad reputation for the fact that a lot of people use it to spam the internet with 100s of sites at a time so they can make a few extra dollars. Hopefully I will be able to show people that autoblogging can be good and at the same time teach them how to use the “Force” of it.

I also help run a website called Baconchefs with a few friends. It’s a internet cooking show that involves anything made with bacon. It’s a very tasty past time, even though we don’t do it often.

Also, my beautiful wife and I own an exotic gourmet lollipop company called FancyLollies. It’s hard to explain how we got into this, but it’s something fun we do together and it’s actually becoming more popular then we originally thought it would.

On top of all that, I love to spend time with our wonderful daughter. Having her is a blessing and even though I don’t say it everyday, I love my wife greatly for being a fantastic mommy and a completely awesome companion to grow old with and hopefully she will stick around forever even though I’m always working on something, lol.

Well, that is me in a nutshell. I do get asked from time to time if I am available for hire. My answer is normally yes. Just send me a message through the contact form below and I will get back to you.

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