Web Ninja Article Rewriter WordPress Plugin

The Web Ninja Article Rewriter is designed to rewrite incoming articles on the fly so any article you post, even through RSS Feeds or Autoblogging software, is original. You select the categories and all of the post that go into those categories will be rewritten through the Web Ninja Article Rewritting API.

Why would this plugin be important?
It’s common knowledge that search engines love two things: more content and original content. Usually, sites will have either one or the other. They will have tons of content that you can find all over the internet because all they do is repost existing articles or they will have very little content because all of their stuff is original and who has time to make 3 or 4 original articles a day? Now you can have both without doing a thing! So your site’s SEO value goes through the roof!

How does it work?
Nowadays, there are many article rewriters available on net which simply rewrite the content using synonymous without keeping the original meaning and the grammar of the sentence/article intact. Most of the time it makes the article very hard to read.

To counter this problem, I have used a few different techniques. First, it takes common phases or combination of words to determine the nouns and verbs within a sentence. Once that is determined, it can replace phases and individual words based on the meaning as if it were nouns or verbs. Once words have been replaced, it then runs the sentences through a very comprehensive grammar checker which then makes sure that all grammar is correct.

Now, I will say that no article rewriting software is 100% prefect and it may throw out a sentence that makes no sense on a rare occasion but I have made a ton of rules to be sure that this is the best rewriting plugin out there and I am improving it on almost a daily basis. I am always testing this software through autoblogs, and improving it to make it more efficient. I have also made sure that it does more then a 30% change in the article to be sure that it qualifies as “original content” to search engines. I will warn you though that since it uses a very large database to replace phases and words it will rarely put words that are very big and require a college degree to read, lol. But it does make your article sound good!

Does it work?
Recently, I have been doing a good bit of testing on both sites running this plugin and sites not running this plugin. I made two autoblogging sites in one day on the same topic. After three months, the site without the plugin was getting about 350 visitors from organic traffic (from search engines) on the third month and the site with the plugin was getting close to 11,000 visitors from organic traffic on the third month. Both of these sites were using Google Adsense. The site without the plugin was only doing about $1 to $2 a day while the site with the plugin was doing over $20 a day. So, I guess you can look at the stats there and judge if it works.

Article Rewriter Example

Original Article

U.S. environmental regulators released a plan on Thursday for the nation's power plants and refineries to cut greenhouse gas emissions, pressing ahead with the Obama administration's strategy of tackling the pollution in the absence of federal climate legislation.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it would propose so-called performance standards on greenhouse gas emissions on both new and existing plants beginning in July for power plants and for oil refineries by December. The fossil fuel plants emit about 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases.

The plan resulted from an agreement with states, including California and New York, and environmental groups that had sued the agency to regulate emissions of gases blamed for warming the planet.

The standards, the specifics of which have not been established, are also the latest stage of President Barack Obama's effort to drive U.S. policy to combat global warming.

*From CNET.com

Rewriten Article

United States environmental lawmakers issued a design on Thursday for the nation's electric plants and refineries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, looking forward with the Obama administration's plan of defeating the air contamination in the nonattendance of federal climate legislation. The Environmental Protection Agency verbalized it would suggest so-called accomplishment guidelines on greenhouse gas emissions on both new and old plants starting in July for power plants and for oil refineries by December.

The fossil fuel plants discharge close to 40 percent of United States greenhouse gases. The design came from an concurrence with states, not limited to California and New York, and environmental bands that had filed suit against the organization to legislate emissions of gases accused for heating the planet. The guidelines, the details of which have not been set, are also the newest stage of President Barack Obama's effort to drive United States policy to fight global warming.


Option Settings Page


* Version 1.0.2


1. Download the Web Ninja Article Rewriter Plugin ZIP file.
2. Extract the zipfile and place the PHP file in the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
3. Go to the administration page of your WordPress installation (normally at http://www.yourblog.com/wp-admin).
4. Click on the Plugins tab and search for Web Ninja Article Rewriter in the list.
5. Activate the Web Ninja Article Rewriter plugin.
6. You can now find an Web Ninja AR page under Options to set the options of the plug-in.
7. Enter your Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key.
8. Select which Categories of the post you want the Web Ninja Article Rewriter to rewrite for you.
9. Be sure to check “Enable Rewriter”.
10. Save Options.
11. Now any post that gets published into those categories whether it’s from autoblog software or if you put them in will now be rewrote.
12. If there are any words you would like the plugin not to rewrite, you can enter them in the “No Change Wordlist”. (Comma separated)

Please note that that a Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key is required and the plugin will not work without it. For more information on this you can go to Obtaining a Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key


* It usually works best to make a separate Category that all the post you would like to rewrite to go into. For example, you can make a category called “RW”, make that the only category that the plugin rewrites, then you can have your post go into any category and include the “RW” category if you want it to be rewrote.


All support will be handled through the forums at http://josh-fowler.com/forum/forum.php?id=16. I try to check them often and will get to your questions as soon as possible.