Obtaining a Web Ninja Article Rewriting API Key

To be able to use the Web Ninja Article Rewriting API you must first get a key.

Most article rewriting services cost over $200 or over $70 a month and that is usually for only 1 site. Also, most of them don’t have the features this one does. Personally, most people out there want to try it to see how well it works before they want to invest over $200 for it and I think $70 a month is overkill on what is needed to run an API like this.

The price is a $50 one time fee for up to 3 IP addresses. This API does use a good bit of bandwidth and server power to operate so that cost will help keep this service running and I will be sure to keep it up to date as time passes. This $50 is very small comparable to the money that an be made from the organic traffic this generates. It will pay for itself 10 times over in SEO value in less then 3 months so this is definitely the best value you will find on this kind of service.

Now, the $50 is for up to 3 IP addresses. If you need more just let me know, I have multiple packages to chose from.

Get it now for only $50!
If you would like to get the api, please contact me via
the contact form on http://josh-fowler.com/?page_id=2.

Once you finished the checkout process please allow up to 24 hours to get your API Key. Hope you enjoy!

A couple frequent questions

1. Why does it take up to 24 hours to get my key?
- All of our request are handled manually to stop fraud and spam. It could take up to 24 hours to contact you and fullfil your request.

2. How will the payment show up on my credit card?
- Your credit card will show SQ *HappyRobot since they are handling the payments for me.

3. What if I needed it for more then 3 IP addresses?
- We have multiple API keys available. Just let me know how many IPs you need and we can get you set up.

4. Am I locked into any kind of contract? And what if I needed to cancel my subscription?
- You are not in any kind of contract and you can cancel at any time. I understand that sometimes life happens and you have to cancel. To cancel, just contact me and I can cancel your subscription.

5. I canceled and now I want back in! How do I reactive my key?
- In short, you can’t reactive a key. To get a new key all you have to do is make a new one the same way you made the first one.