Google Analytics WP Plugin 1.0.3

I was just giving everyone a heads up that they will be getting a notice that version 1.0.3 is available for update within the next hour or so. This is a small update to a bigger one that will happen later in the week. This update does not have the new sidebar widgets for analytics stats but the next one will.

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23 hours, 330 downloads, 4x 5-star ratings, and a partridge in a pear tree!

About 23 hours ago my Google Analytics plugin was approved for the WordPress Plugin Directory (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/web-ninja-google-analytics). This was the first plugin I have released to the public so I didn’t expect many downloads or much exposure at all. Well, let’s just say that my expectations have been met 20 times over.

Within a hour of being up and downloadable I had about 30 downloads, within 2 hours I had about 70 downloads, and now that we are coming up on our 24th hour it looks like it could get over 350+ downloads.

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